About Pelham Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends — Quakers in the Niagara Peninsula — are a small group of Friends, who, in living their everyday lives, seek to carry out the principles of the Society. The smallness of the group allows us to know one another and to try to care for one another as a family of friends.

This Meeting is home to members and attenders from many areas of the Niagara Peninsula: St. Catharines, Welland, Port Colborne, Pelham, and Dunnville. Our Quaker group is made up of people who have been members for many years, some who are fairly recent attenders, as well as others who visit occasionally. We welcome you to meet with us. Children are also welcome though we regret that we do not, at this time, have a particular programme for them.

We are a small but active, vital Meeting, with members who devote service to their own communities, as well as to many Quaker bodies and committees outside our Meeting. For example, one member is involved with AIDS Niagara’s project to develop an interfaith committee to facilitate spiritual counselling for people with HIV/AIDS and to provide information on HIV/AIDS to faith communities. Another member has training in “Quaker Quest.” Others volunteer with Hospice Niagara and, in the winter, with the local Out of the Cold programme. Members are also engaged with responsibilities on the Camp Neekaunis Committee, Canadian Friends Service Committee, Canadian Yearly Meeting, the Quaker Archives and Library of Canada, and Friends General Conference.

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